for A/S

    Please contact our head office by phone or email if the product is in trouble.

    Phone No. for ILSHIN ELECTRIC A/S : 82-32-682-0484
    Email address for ILSHIN ELECTRIC A/S :

    ※ Please use online bulletin board for customer inquiry and we will get email immediately.
    ※ Please specify your name, address, contact information and details of A/S when you ask the question by email.

check the

    1. Is the power cord of the product you use plugged properly?
    2. Did you read the warning sticker on the product for the multi outlet?
    3. Is the wall type switch and outlet properly connected? (Please refer to the below picture for the wiring diagram.

    ※ Please check above and then let us know and our A/S Dept. will be pleased to answer you to fix it.


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