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    CV - Interest field, Contact, Specify annual salary desired, Specify the experience. (Specify in detail), Copy of license (Only for the person concerned), Copy of language proficiency certificate (Only for the person concerned), 1 transcript of resident registration (for interview), Letter of self-introduction

How to apply

    Application by on-line or email ( is available for public recruitment, frequent recruitment, internship and year-round recruitments. Public recruitment, internship and frequent recruitment can be applied immediately when public announcement is made for the concerned job recruitment.

The right

ILSHIN ELECTRIC is looking for the right people who is in bracing for the future with the aggressive and cooperative mind orienting the world best.

Personnel management mainly with the ability - The system is for a staff who can show his/her maximum ability by rewarding through the fair personnel evaluation valuing the staff's ability when it comes to employing and deploying.

Staff suggestion system - A consensus is formed for the company and staff thereby a proper reward is given through the internal suggestion system that can help make contribution to the better productivity, cost saving and the company's growth.

Best staff award system - This is to reward a staff who made great contribution to the company's growth.

Award system for a long-term employed person - To boost employees' morale and encourage the employee's motivation to work through the award system for a long-term employed person.