Company name ILSHIN ELECTRIC co., Ltd No. of staff 45
    CEO Kim Jong-sul Business Place #34 Bucheon-ro 286-gil, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon city, Gyeonggi-do (420-806)
    Established date Aug. 1, 1999 Rep Tel. 82-32-682-0484
    Capital 1.3 Billion KRW FAX 032)682-0487
    Annual Turnover 17.8 Billion KRW (As of 2013) home page http://www.iseao.co.kr

Co., Ltd. was

    ILSHIN ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. was established in Aug. 1999 and the company's main business items are switches, sockets, multi taps and working electric wiring appliances as a leader of the same industry.

    ILSHIN ELECTRIC wiring appliances are well-known in terms of the switches, sockets, multi-taps, etc. making a difference and especially the company's new wiring appliances with more features and modern design senses will be unveiled continuously. The products are widely used at home and abroad.

    We have developed our products based on the new design sense and high technologies even for a switch that can be turned away. ILSHIN ELECTRIC will be a leader of the substantial electric wiring appliances for safety, conveniences and our beautiful life based on our accumulated technical know-how we developed.